7+ Reasons Why PS4 is Still Worth It in 2023

Do you doubt that PS4 is still worth it in 2023? Don't worry, here are some reasons why PS4 is still worth buying in 2023 to clear your doubts!

7+ Reasons Why PS4 is Still Worth It in 2023

The Reason Why PS4 Is Still Worth It In 2023

After the ninth generation console was released, you might think if the PS4 is still worth it or not to buy in 2023. After all, the latest console, the PS5, has far surpassed all aspects, or can be said to be very superior to its predecessor, the PS4. After all, the PS5 can play the games released for the PS4, so if you can afford it, that's definitely recommended.

Actually, there are many reasons why PS5 is better than PS4. But if your budget is tight, and you're thinking about buying a PS4 in 2023, continue reading. Here are some reasons why PS4 is still worth it to get in 2023!

PS4 is much cheaper than PS5

The PS5 has more advanced and complex technology, making it more difficult to manufacture. Therefore, Sony is continuing to produce PS4 to reduce the demand for the rare PS5. At least the PS4 will continue to be produced until the end of 2023, from what was originally planned to stop production in 2021. Therefore, it is likely that support for PS4 will continue, so PS4 is still worth it to buy in 2023.

Talking about the price, PS4 is sold starting from Rp. 5 million for the new version (grace). But the new PS4 might be a little hard to find. PS4s circulating in the market, both in offline Game/PS stores and online stores in well-known marketplaces, mostly sell used or second-hand PS4s. But don't worry, because the PS4 is really worth it to buy instead of the new PS4.

The cheapest second PS4 is the PS4 version of HEN at a price of around IDR 3 million. PS4 HEN is a PS4 that can play pir*ted games with a note that it can't be used online. I suggest you don't buy this PS4 HEN, because even though it's cheap if you can't go online, the features can't be used to its full potential.

The PS4 that I recommend you buy is the PS4 SLIM with a minimum of 1TB of memory so that it can accommodate more games and of course you can go online. You can find the price of a second PS4 SLIM in the online marketplace with prices starting from 3,900,000 IDR. Prices on buying and selling forums may be cheaper than that, starting from IDR 3 million. Make sure you check the reviews first if you want to buy online, or check the condition carefully if you buy offline.

PS5 is still hard to get

As you probably know, the PS5 is still quite expensive in 2023. The circulating price is in the range of Rp. 10 million to Rp. 16 million. Well, you need to know that this price is not the official PS5 price. For additional information, here is a list of prices for the PS5 and its accessories from various latest sources in early 2023:

  1. PS5 Digital Edition 7,300,000 IDR
  2. PS5 Disc Edition 8,700,000 IDR
  3. DualSense Wireless Controller 1,269,000 IDR
  4. Pulse 3D wireless headset 1.699.000 IDR
  5. HD Camera 999,000 IDR
  6. Media Remote 499.000 IDR
  7. DualSense Charging Station 499.000 IDR

Yups, the PS5 price in circulation is still quite far from the official price. PS5 stock is still very limited and not always available. Even if you accidentally visit a Playstation Authorized Dealer in Indonesia, chances are you won't get it. Of course this is different from the PS4, which you can even get at standard prices at regular game stores.

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PS4 has lots of exciting game releases

No need to be sad if you can't buy a PS5 right now. Since its release 8 years ago, PS4 has a large game library so you won't be bored. Starting from the legendary JRPG, Persona 5 and Final Fantasy VII Remake to the most popular games, namely God of War and The Last of Us.

There are many games that you can play on PS4 without the need to buy the newest console, which is superior in terms of features and price, namely PS5. Of course, most of these games you have to buy, guys!

PS4 can do many things like PS5

Even though you can't play PS5 games on PS4, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the other features that these two consoles have. For example, you can access Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Youtube, and even shop online with this PS4, just like you can on the PS5.

Some PS5 games also have PS4 versions, so you can still play them. In fact, if the game supports cross-platform, of course you can hang out with your friends who play it on PS5.

PS4 has a Bluray Drive slot

The PS4 doesn't have a 4K Bluray Drive slot like the PS5. But if you have a regular Bluray cassette, the PS4 can still run it without any problems. It's a shame that the latest and last generation PS4 Pro versions don't have a Bluray Drive slot. Even so, of course this is not a problem at all if you don't have a TV or monitor that supports 4K display (xd).

PS4 can access websites via browser

Most people don't use the browser on their PS4. Even so, the presence of a browser on PS4 is very helpful for some people, so they prefer to buy PS4 over PS5.

Yups, PS4 can access the internet through the browser available on the main screen. This is a PS4 advantage in itself, considering that Sony has eliminated this browser on the PS5. This means that you can do various things with your PS4 just like using a browser on your cellphone. For example, you can access this website with your PS4 console.

PS Plus still supports PS4

If you subscribe to PS Plus or PS+, you can enjoy two to six free games every month. One or two of these free games are PS5 games (which you can sometimes still play on PS4), while the rest are PS4 games or PS VR games. That way you can still play free games on PS+ without the need to buy the game at the original price.

PS4 can also run PS Now

PS Now is a service that was introduced in 2014. This service is a game streaming service that gives you access to hundreds of games from various console eras from PS2 to PS4. Different from PS Plus, you can download games or play them directly without needing to download them (play them by streaming) by subscribing to PS Now.

But keep in mind that you need a smooth and fast internet connection if you want to play streaming, because if there is a lag or hang then the gameplay becomes a glitch or buffering like streaming video on the internet.

Those are some of the reasons why PS4 is still worth it to buy in 2023. It is a pity that the price of the PS5 has not dropped significantly, because its production cannot meet demand. Even so, you should really consider buying a PS4 if you really want to buy a new game console. Yup, apart from the rare PS5, the price of PC gaming spare parts is also on the rise. So, instead of waiting for the normal PS5 price or assembling your own PC (or maybe buying a gaming laptop), you'd better consider buying a PS4 instead.

2,500,000 - 5,600,000 IDR
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2,500,000 - 5,600,000 IDR
Tap here to check it!

Thanks for reading and hope it helps~

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